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Shiplap - Hot or Not?

July 20, 2020

Hey guys! I hope you're all hanging in there. Life has been rather interesting lately.

My highlight for the week was the silence I got during a zoom meeting. My 3 year old entertained herself by shredding Styrofoam all over the house. :) The second highlight of my week was learning that Styrofoam needs to be capitalized because it's a brand—who knew?

I was watching a live tour of a new home, where the seller made a comment that she felt shiplap was on its way out. First, I found that comment to be rather odd; considering most of the interior of that home was done in shiplap. It seemed like a strange selling point. But then it made me wonder, is shiplap really on its way out?

So I took to the streets of Instagram and asked my followers and a few designers what they felt. 

The Instagram world was almost split down the middle. 

But I have heard to not always trust everything you read on the “internets"

Here are what a few Kansas City designers had to say.

“I do think shiplap in the interior of homes is on the way out. Shiplap is very popular but overused, and it became a little overwhelming. In 2020, people are turning to wall colors and coverings, such as wallpaper. They can achieve the desired feel for the space through beautiful colors, patterns and textures.” —Hong, Blossom Spaces

“I actually don’t think that it is on its way out I think people are just rethinking the way they use it!” —Erica, Style and Grace Interiors

“I love the look of shiplap, but I do feel that it’s very trendy right now and fear that it will eventually look dated. Sometimes it is the perfect accent so we still use it occasionally, but I usually steer clients more towards other wall trims like board and batten, library paneling etc that have a more timeless feel.” —Maureen, ML Design

"Overall I would say the old ways of using it are on the way out. I think shiplap will be used in more modern ways now." —Kristen Ridler Designs 

“It’s so fun because you can get creative using it in different ways. You should always do what you love, whether it’s in or out! —Shay Edwards Interiors

“It's a great way to add impact to a wall or a room for a relatively low cost. My advice would be to look for ways to incorporate it in a unique way -- install it vertically instead of horizontally, paint it an impactful color other than white, or maybe use it on the ceiling instead of the walls." – Katie with Ash Drive Design

What do you think? Is shiplap on its way out?

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